Cheap Self Storage in Louisville

The needs for self storage in Louisville, Kentucky have grown exponentially. If you are in the need for additional self-storage in Louisville, Kentucky, contact us to reserve your unit today. They fill very quickly.  These self storage units are great for tools, equipment, mobile office use and company document storage.

Additional facility now open

self storage yard

Message from the owner…

The new storage location will be at 1400 South 14th Street Louisville, Kentucky 40210. We offer extremely affordable rates, and the most bang for your buck in self-storage. Our units are water and wind tight.

Frequent Flyer Discount

We reward long-term self storage customers.  As a result, at our Louisville self storage facility we offer one free month with a 6 month advance payment and we offer two free months with a year paid in advance.  We also use cutting edge lock technology to keep your possessions safe as well as the facility is also gated and monitored via surveillance cameras, 24/7.  Moreover, at our Louisville self storage facility we seal every unit that comes in with a rubberized sealant. As a result, it prevents leaks and use an almost impenetrable lock-tite system. You can access your unit 24 hours a day.

Current Lien Sale Auctions

These are auctions we put on for non-payment of rent.  All of our containers are 320′ (40′ x 8′).  Our auction offerings follow all rules of the Kentucky Self-Storage Laws (KRS).


Date:  3/18/2021

What:  Unit 128


Date:  3/18/2021

What:  Unit 148


Click this Link to be taken to the sale website:


Check out our Yelp listing.  Find our ads on Craigslist with more information.  Click HERE to contact us.

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